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Here are some frequently asked questions, if you have any question other than this feel free to contact us.

Google Data Studio requests the data directly from the Matomo API. The data is processed directly in the Google Data Studio script. If no caching is used, no additional service is involved.

If you use the caching option, we cache the data from the result for a maximum of two hours in a Google Firebase database.

An instance is a Matomo installation – Every instance can contain several websites.

We haven’t checked all possible custom plugins. If you have any problems within a custom plugin, please let us know and we will check it. One plugin we have already integrated is the Custom Reports plugin.

Data Studio has a request size limit of about 50MB. So if an API call to Matomo exceeds this limit, you will get an error. This can happen, for example, if you request more than 30.000 rows of data for a page URL report.

If your Matomo instance doesn’t contain any personal data or if you can be sure that no one is transferred to the Matomo Data Studio Connector by using non-personal dimensions in the configuration, there should be no problem using the connector and Google services according to GDPR. This is because no personal data is transferred, and as such, you are not collecting or processing any personal data.

However, if you have any concerns about the GDPR compliance of using the Matomo Data Studio Connector or any other aspects of your data processing, we recommend consulting with a qualified lawyer who is familiar with GDPR regulations.

Yes, the Matomo Data Studio Connector can work with on-premise Matomo instances. You will need to create an API key in your Matomo instance and then use that key to configure the Matomo Data Studio Connector in your Google Data Studio account.

Yes, the Matomo Data Studio Connector works with Matomo Cloud, which is the cloud-based version of the Matomo analytics platform. To use the connector with Matomo Cloud, you will need to create an API key in your Matomo Cloud account.

No, at the moment we can’t support Matomo WordPress installations.